Prior to working with Jayne, my 9-month-old son’s sleep habits were erratic at best. I was apprehensive about sleep-training, but as a working mom and my son’s primary caregiver, the sleep-deprivation was beginning to interfere with my health, mood, and ability to function!

Jayne eased me into the process of sleep-training with a customized plan that was both effective and gentle. It suited my son’s needs and the needs of our family, and despite my initial concerns, we found it very easy to abide by. Within two days of the program, my son was sleeping 12 hours overnight... the first time that had happened! His demeanor during the day is much more jovial and joyful and my husband and I are finally able to get much-needed rest and function optimally at our jobs. I have so much more energy, I’ve even found time for the gym!

Throughout the entire process, Jayne was extremely hands-on and always available to answer my flurry of questions. She continually kept our unique needs front of mind, and was an excellent source of knowledge and support throughout... which was extremely welcome to me as a first-time mom! I’m so grateful to Jayne for re-energizing my household and for helping my family flourish! I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks, Jayne!
— Krista, mom to Matti

At six months we couldn’t get my son to sleep through the night and couldn’t get him to nap on his own during the day. We were all completely exhausted. With Jayne’s support we were able to get him on a daily routine that worked for us, and got him sleeping. Her advice was always practical, clear, and supportive which was exactly what we needed. She is warm and firm, and keeps things funny and light which is what you need when you’re sleep deprived!
— Alissa, mom to Cooper

Jayne has been helping me with my daughter’s sleep since she was about four months old. She walked me through all the steps necessary to get my daughter sleeping through the night, and she always made herself available to answer questions and trouble-shoot issues as they came up. Once you think you have things under control, something changes. Jayne really has an understanding of age-appropriate schedules for babies of all ages, and she’s always been there to help me tweak a nap schedule to get things back on track! I can’t recommend Jayne enough!
— Maya, mom to Mika

Jayne is passionate about her work. She is attentive and reliable, answering emails and questions often the same business day. She cares about accomplishing sleep training goals that are best for baby and parents in a way that parents can get on board with. If you aren’t comfortable with ‘cry it out,’ Jayne offers happy compromises to achieve your sleep goals while still helping baby learn to self soothe. Most importantly, Jayne garners results. Within one night of taking her suggestions, we saw improvements in our baby’s sleep. I’m very glad I worked with Jayne. Her insight and one-on-one sleep plan, which was catered to my needs as a working mom, felt personal, customized, and it worked.
— Tori, Mom to Violet