About Jayne Havens

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Jayne Havens is a certified pediatric sleep consultant through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting and Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.

She believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching a child to fall asleep and back to sleep independently. All children, regardless of age, are capable of learning this life-long skill; they simply need to be given an opportunity to try!


Jayne's Perspective

The benefits of sleep can’t be overstated. Sleep allows a child’s brain to mature and memories to be developed. Sleep also improves a child’s temperament, resulting in less frustration and distraction, and more security and adaptability. Restful sleep is also incredibly important for parents. Prolonged sleep deprivation negatively impacts parents’ emotional well-being, cognitive functioning, and general health.

Children struggle with sleep for lots of reasons: over-tiredness, overstimulation, inability to self-soothe, physical discomfort, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, hunger, or even a growth spurt. When a child isn’t sleeping, their parents aren’t sleeping either. Luckily, help is available and it is absolutely possible to get your child to sleep better!


CEO & CErtified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

As a new parent and overwhelmed by exhaustion, Jayne left behind her job in corporate sales, ready to fully embrace her new role as a mom.

She loved her son, of course, but grew increasingly frustrated by his frequent night wakings. She found herself reading everything she could find in order to get him to sleep through the night. 

Years later, when her daughter was born, Jayne applied what she learned once again, implementing healthy and independent sleep habits very early on, and before long, her entire family was able to get the sleep they needed. It was life-changing!

Friends quickly took notice of the fact that Jayne’s children were both fabulous sleepers, and they began coming to her for help with their own sleep challenges. 

Through word-of-mouth referrals, Jayne began helping friends of friends through the sleep training process. In doing so, Jayne realized her passion and skill for helping families to achieve quality sleep for their children, and Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens was born. Jayne quickly established herself as a leader in the industry, building a strong reputation for taking good care of her clients, providing top-notch service along with expertise, and successfully leading families from desperate and exhausted to grateful and well-rested.

A few years later, Jayne's passion for sleep consulting, her background in sales, and her experience as an entrepreneur collided in a new way. After years of research and educating herself on the science of children’s sleep, child development, sleep training techniques, and after obtaining her sleep consultant certification, Jayne launched Center for Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM)—a sleep consultant certification program with a uniquely self-paced course, integrated learning approach, and full-bodied curriculum.

Through CPSM, Jayne leveraged her proprietary CPSM Success Method to train, mentor, and certify others to do this incredibly rewarding work and set them up for success as both sleep consultants and small business owners. CPSM has trained hundreds of sleep consultants to carry this work forward and continues to grow.

"Jayne is patient and wonderful! Previously we were rocking our 4 month old son for hours and now we can place him into his crib and he is able to fall asleep on his own. She gave me hours back in my day, evenings together with my husband, less anxiety about my son’s sleep and more confidence, all within a few nights of working together. Jayne is responsive, helpful and doesn’t judge. She gives you tools for successful and restful sleep for the entire family."

- Sara, Mom to Eli

"I highly recommend Jayne. Almost eight months into my son’s “Three year old sleep regression,” not having had an uninterrupted night of sleep in as many months, we called Jayne for help. Within two weeks my son is falling asleep easily on his own, staying asleep all night in his own bed and waking up later and later every day. Jayne provided us with a great personalized plan for our son with multiple options and phases. She was available with encouragement and advice when it was needed and she provided the push we needed to move along in our plan. I never could have imagined we would be where we are in two short weeks. We are all well rested and so happy!"


"I would highly recommend Jayne - she helped me find a sleep program that worked for my child and I and in just a few nights he was consistently sleeping! Her support was invaluable and she was the perfect fit for our family."


"It has been absolutely wonderful working with Jayne. My husband and I were at the end of our rope with our twins’ sleep, and the change we have seen is amazing. Jayne was able to suggest small tweaks to our pre-existing sleep routine that made a huge difference. I highly recommend her!"


“Sleep training is rarely as stressful as families imagine it to be. With a customized plan, and a high level of support, the process is seamless and the results are worth it!”

- Jayne Havens

“Sleep training is rarely as stressful as families imagine it to be. With a customized plan, and a high level of support, the process is seamless and the results are worth it!”

- Jayne Havens