Sleep Consulting Services

Are you struggling with your child’s nights or naps?

Whether you have an infant, toddler, preschooler, or school-aged child, Jayne combines her expert knowledge, age-appropriate strategies, and hands-on support to turn your child’s all-night rager into a Snooze Fest for the whole family.

Two-Week Sleep Consultation

A full night of sleep is possible in just two weeks! Let Jayne guide you through the sleep training process in a way that works for your entire family.


What's Included

A customized sleep plan catered to your child’s specific needs and circumstances

Two weeks of text message support

Unlimited email support

Two 30-minute phone consultations – one to be used at the beginning, and the other to wrap-up our time together

How it works


Make a call and set your goals! 

Once you’ve hired Jayne, you’ll schedule an initial phone consultation to discuss your child’s schedule and sleep habits in detail, as well as your goals for your child’s sleep routine.


Remove the guesswork!

Jayne will then develop a comprehensive sleep plan for your child, including step-by-step instructions to follow.


Get support when you need it!

You will have the opportunity to be in regular contact with Jayne throughout your time together– to troubleshoot issues as they arise, to stay on track as you implement your chosen sleep training method, and to modify as needed. Jayne will provide guidance and support during your two weeks to help you and your child make consistent sleep progress.

— Matthew, Dad to Wyatt

Jayne works magic! We spent far too many months getting little to no sleep at night and finally hit our breaking point. We were exhausted and struggling to make it through the day. We had no idea how hiring a remote sleep trainer would work or if it would even work at all but OH MY GOD hiring Jayne was life changing. Our baby, the former worst sleeper ever is now the absolute best sleeper! It only took a few days/nights for him to get the routine down and now he actually loves to go to sleep in his crib. Prior to hiring Jayne he would only sleep on us or nap in his inclined lounger but now he is 100% sleeping in his crib! Jayne worked so closely with us to tailor a sleep routine that would work with and for us and our baby and it was an absolute home run! Jayne was available for real time help and she responded to all of our questions. Having the constant support through this transition truly made all the difference. I only wish we had done this sooner! Thank you Jayne for gifting my whole family with much needed SLEEP!

— BROOKE, Mom to Samantha

I am so grateful that we found Jayne! My 7 year old daughter (yes, you read that right...7 years, not 7 months!) has never been a great sleeper. She needed our help to fall asleep and then would also wake up in the middle of the night. Jayne was available and reassuring. I am happy to report my daughter can now fall asleep independently and we are on a long streak of no night wake ups. If she does wake up she gives me a kiss and walks herself back to bed. I'll take it! Thank you Jayne!

— RENESSA, Mom to Alliana

I reached out to Jayne when my 14 month old daughter was waking every two hours throughout the night and crying non stop. Jayne immediately gave me a detailed plan with three options. I went right to the option I was most apprehensive about and it immediately worked that evening. Within three nights my daughter fell asleep on her own and slept through the night. I highly recommend Jayne. I wish I would have thought to contact her earlier.

— REBECCA, Mom to Mia

Jayne is the best! We reached out to her when our daughter had just turned 10.5 weeks. She was eating at 12:30am and 3:00am every night, and only stretching four hours at most. After just a few days of working with Jayne our daughter eliminated her 12:30am feed. In the two weeks we worked with Jayne our daughter went from a four hour night stretch to a nine hour stretch and is now sleeping through the night! We couldn't have done it without Jayne's helpful tools and constant support/check ins. Best decision we made!

— ARIELLA, Mom to Matthew 

Jayne was an incredible help to our family and I highly recommend working with her! Our 7 month old was not able to fall asleep independently and would not nap in the crib at all. Jayne created a detailed plan for us that had multiple options for how to go about helping him, and then checked in with us for every single nap and every single morning! Two weeks later our son is falling asleep independently with zero crying, and he’s taking 2 long naps in his crib every day! My only regret is not working with her sooner!

— Jessica, Mom to Emma, James and Lily

Jayne is the reason I have three very good sleepers. She helped give me the tools for good sleep habits early on with my first child that I have been able to use for my second and third kids even though I had very different issues with each child at different ages. She has helped me think through issues in a practical and realistic way and instilled confidence in my choices and behaviors that have helped me tremendously as a mother. Im so grateful for her guidance and support and would highly recommend reaching out to Jayne.

What Parents Are Saying About Snooze Fest by Jayne Havens

Ask-Me-Anything Call

A 30-minute phone call to address your sleep-related questions,
and receive advice to optimize your child's sleep.

Who It’s For

This call is a good fit for families that have already established healthy and independent sleep habits for their child(ren) but are simply looking to troubleshoot. If your child does not know how to fall asleep and/or back to sleep independently, it is strongly advised that you select the two-week sleep consultation package for best results. 


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