My newest chapter

Before having kids, I had a very successful career in catering sales. I loved my job, but I was working crazy hours, which included nights, weekends and holidays. I made the decision to leave my job when my son Sid was born to stay at home with him. I loved every minute of being a stay at home mom. We went to music class, library story time, baby gym etc. When he was two I started him in a play based preschool five mornings a week so I would have a few hours every day to get some things done without a toddler in tow.  

Fast forward four years and our second child Ivy was born. Ivy was a much more difficult baby. She had a milk soy protein intolerance and cried for 12 weeks straight until we got that figured out. She is also much more “spirited” than Sid. “Spirited” is a term that I thought parents used to describe their children that weren’t raised with rules or boundaries, until I had one of my own. She was born this way and nothing I did or could do would change her temperament. Luckily, she turned a slight corner during her toddler months, and at two years of age I was able to put her in part time preschool so that I could once again have just a few moments without a child on my hip. 

This time around I knew we were not going to have another, so I started thinking about what I would do with my free time. I didn’t want to go back to my full time career in catering sales. That type of job just wasn’t going to jive with my life as a parent of two young children. I explored a few different options before deciding to get my certification to work as a sleep consultant. It really has been the perfect fit for me and for our family. I love that I can work from my phone and my iPad. I can still take my kids to and from school and I can volunteer in their classrooms and within our community. I love that I am in the position to change people’s lives for the better, while also adding to our family income. 

This blog will likely become a place for me to provide my followers with tips and tricks for establishing good sleep habits for their children. I hope you follow along and enjoy!

Jayne Havens